If you have your own business then it is vitally important that you have a marketing strategy to go along with it, in the US and the UK last year there were more businesses set up than in any other year, this means that competition is high and you need to make promote your business in order to stay ahead. The internet has completely changed the face of marketing and the way in which you can attract new clients and in order for your business to succeed it is imperative that you utilize all marketing tools available. If you are unsure which areas of marketing are right for you and your business then here are some that you need to consider.

SEO Marketing 

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is a method that is employed in order to get to the highest page possible when people are searching particular keywords on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. There are several companies online that offer SEO marketing, my advice would be to check out the SEOP reviews online before deciding on a particular company as some make promises which they cannot deliver on. What these companies do is use a wide range of techniques on your website and on others that ensure your keywords go as close to the top of the search engine as possible. If you have a plumbing firm for example based in Newcastle then the company will aim to get your company website on page 1 of the search results when typing in ‘Plumber Newcastle,’ this method can attract lots of new clients for you.


Social Media Marketing

As marketers, social media has given us the opportunity to put your company in front of million of pairs of eyes at the click of a button and this method can work brilliantly as part of a marketing campaign. The only downside with this form of marketing is that the world of social media moves at an incredible pace and you need to have a creative campaign in order to make a mark in the minds of the users. The upside though is that if you create something exciting, it has the chance to viral and be shared amongst millions of users in a heartbeat.

Traditional Marketing

The benefits of traditional marketing should not be forgotten, by traditional I mean banners, posters, newspaper or radio ads, whilst advertising may have changed in the digital age, this form of marketing still has its place. Local businesses can especially benefit from this type of marketing, remember that the idea of marketing to get your name out there and putting it in people’s faces by way of posters, flyers or newspaper ads will do exactly that. Remember that when you are forming a marketing strategy that it is important to use a combination of different advertising techniques in order to promote your business to the most amount of people that you possibly can.

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