WordPress sites now make up over 22% of all the world’s websites. It is the largest content management system on the web today. With a platform this big, it is bound to be a target for attacks. WordPress can be vulnerable to cyber attacks because of how it works. It’s not so much the platform but the plugins that are used to build your website or blog. They may have vulnerabilities that hackers use to manipulate your site in some manner.

It is important that when running your site on a WordPress platform that all of your plugins, programs and software are up to date, and all security updates are performed regularly.

Maintaining the security of your website may be a challenge both in terms of time and technology. In today’s fast moving online world staying abreast of the latest attacks and security features may best be left to the experts. You’re in luck there are many reputable web security firms you can hire to look after the security of your website.


Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a website security company.

Cutting Edge Technology

It seems that every day there is a new virus or malicious script being released. It is important to choose a web security company that is always working on defeating hackers and strengthening its security procedures.

Excellent Customer Reviews

When a company can boast of over 8 million satisfied clients, you know that they are doing something right. SiteLock is a global leader in website security, and the online SiteLock reviews suggest their customers appreciate their professional customer service and the speed and efficiency that they handle any situations that may arise.

“In the past, we experienced numerous website intrusions including viruses and hackers. We then found SiteLock. Our site has not been affected ever since. Along with professional customer service, we receive automatic weekly updates about our site, something we never received in the past…We recommend SiteLock for any business that demands a safe and secure site for their customers.” R. Petty

360º of comprehensive website security

Leave the time and stress to maintaining your website security to the experts. SiteLock offers these and hundreds of other features when you sign up for their services.

  • Cloud-based. A cloud-based company means that your data is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Daily scanning. Hackers work around the clock. It is important that your website is continuously monitored for possible breaches in security. Daily scanning for malware and vulnerabilities will stop hackers cold.
  • Remove malware automatically. Professionally trained experts can review your website files and remove the malware that is deposited by malicious spam bots.
  • Peace of mind. Paying for reliable service that has 24-hour support is important. If your site goes down, your customers will go elsewhere.
  • WordPress compatibility. SiteLock offers a WordPress plugin that gives you access to their dashboard and is handy for keeping all the metrics in one space. It also indicates that have a good understanding of WordPress issues and procedures.

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