Being your own boss begins with taking that first leap to start from scratch! Making decisions is at the heart of being a business owner, and to be decisive you will need some guidance so that you choose the right resources, employees, and structure to kickstart your vision into action.

The key to a business is an eye-catching and unique idea. It is important to be realistic and scale your idea to the type of business and lifestyle that you want to have yourself. Envisaging a small local side business then your idea is completely different wanting to create a concept that you want to be sold worldwide. Therefore, once this is decided you can let your ideas flow, whilst making sure that you don’t rush into it.

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To truly conceptualise and test out your idea you will need some help and choosing the right employees for the job is essential. Determining your human resources is not just about the number of people you want to hire, but also about choosing the personalities and skills that reflect the ethos of your new business.

One of the next steps is of course deciding on a business name. Although this can be tedious, a name is at the forefront of your products or services and so can massively impact sales if it is done wrong. Make sure the name you choose is available and obtain any licences or permits you require for the industry you are entering. You might also want to consider a catchphrase, which customers can remember you by!


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Depending on the business, you will need to consider if you need a physical location to work from such as an office or manufacturing warehouse. The location should ideally be in an area that benefits the company. However remote work arrangements and making use of online services is also a valid option. If you do choose a physical base, resources and equipment will need to be sourced that fit your budget but will last too.

If all these steps seem too overwhelming to manage alone, there are many services that can help build your vision with you using their professional tools. A Brand strategy agency such as Really Helpful Marketing can give you advice on the physical logo, brand promotion and development of ideas. This may be the push your new business needs to get out there in your chosen market.

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