A bolt seal is a highly effective piece of equipment that will secure the door of a container or trailer containing goods or valuables. They are widely used during the transportation of cargo.

Why should a company use bolt seals?

Bolt seals for containers are an effective and reliable form of security. Thanks to their strength and construction, they are extremely difficult to break, and this factor alone makes them an ideal solution for securing cargo, particularly if it contains items of value. They will prevent interference and will keep the goods intact.

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How secure are bolt seals?

When fastened with bolt seals, the transported goods will remain secure. Not only will a bolt seal protect your cargo against theft, but also many customs operations require security measures before the goods are allowed to pass through. Swift and convenient with this security seal, your company’s goods will move quickly through customs without requiring an inspection.

A high quality security seal can protect valuable cargo and is the perfect solution for businesses. Some countries however are more at risk than others, and theft, disruption and interference with the supply of goods is rife. According to Forbes cargo truck hijacking is a serious risk for companies moving goods on highways in Mexico.

What are the benefits of bolt seals for my business?

This added layer of protection ensures profits do not take a nosedive if something goes wrong in transportation. As well as inspiring excellent confidence in the business processes, the seals are resistant to cutting or tampering. If you are transporting high-end technical equipment, electronics or jewellery, these seals will offer an added layer of protection compared to standard seals. A comprehensive range of cost-effective bolt seals are on the market, and they have identical sequential numbers for added security and are ISO-compliant.

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Heavy duty and fulfilling even the most stringent needs, the bolts are ideal for high-value shipments. Stringently tested and able to withstand immense force, your goods are in safe hands thanks to the wide range of high-security bolts available today.

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