noragami season 3 release date

Japanese comics continue to attract the attention of teenage audiences. And there is no doubt that the Noragami series, written by Adachi Toka, is a super charming anime full of action, adventure and, of course, a unique supernatural drama. Fans have loved the series so much that they haven’t stopped asking when is the Noragami season 3 release date?

If you are one of those who love the animated series Noragami, you are in the right place. Well, in this post, we will be answering this and all the questions regarding the series. Keep reading: Best Movies Like Pride and Prejudice

Noragami season 3 release date

noragami season 3 release date

Yato is a minor god who dreams of having a large number of followers who worship him and pray prayers for him. But, unfortunately, this dream is far from his reality since he does not have a single shrine dedicated to him. Things get complicated when his only partner he had to help solve people’s problems, decides to quit.

Noragami is a manga series written and illustrated by Adachitoka. To date, the manga has been compiled into a total of 22 volumes. And it was adapted to anime by the Bones studio in June 2013. Released on January 5, 2014, with a total of 2 seasons made up of 12 episodes, the second season, titled Noragami Aragoto, premiered on October 2, 2015. After this last premiere, the biggest unknown has been, will there be a 3 season of Noragami?

Will there be Noragami season 3?

The anime series is mostly simply adaptations of existing material such as manga, mobiles or light novels. And, in Noragami’s case, the source material is manga. These types of anime series are very entertaining, so fans are always waiting for a continuation.

Sadly, when it comes to Noragami season 3, we must say that the series has been at a standstill since the last episode aired in 2015. With no sign of an upcoming premiere at all. One of the causes could be the lack of content. However, when the new volumes of the manga become available, fans can more safely look forward to a Noragami season 3.

What do we expect in Noragami season 3?

Should there be a Noragami season 3, Yota’s adventures may continue in his quest to be a god with millions of followers. Based on the manga, the plot will reveal a lot regarding Yato’s past and his relationship with his father.

Furthermore, Bishamonten forgives Yato for his actions, and Nora becomes an unknown threat. In which the God of fortunes, Ebisu goes astray and the rest of the gods kill him. With this, Yukine helps Yota take the place of the God of Fortunes.

Noragami Characters

In the third season, we could see the same characters from the first seasons of Noragami. Next, let’s get to know the characters that made Noragami.

  • Yato: He is the lost God who calls himself the God of surrender. He is the God of calamity and longs to make a sanctuary.
  • Hiyori Iki: She is a human girl who later turns into a ghost. She has a love interest for Yato. And a brotherly bond with Yukine.
  • Yukine: He’s a boy who died young and became Yato’s Regalia.
  • Rabou: He is Yato’s fellow God of Calamity. And he is known for controlling ghosts.
  • Daikoku: It is also royalty from a goddess named Kufoku.
  • Bishamonten: He is the God of combat and takes the form of a woman with long blond hair
  • Kuraha: She is Yato’s ancient Regalia, which other gods often use for different reasons.

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