Do you know how knowing how to influence people is linked to effective communication?

Surely you will have wanted to influence your boss at work, so that he understands how much value you add to the company, but it was difficult for you to do so. Or, if you have children, you want them to listen to you to help them make good choices, but even this sometimes turns out to be difficult.

There are many life events in which we want to influence people.

In reality, if you can’t find a way to communicate effectively, you won’t be able to influence people the way you want and you’ll feel frustrated.

The secret is knowing how to connect, because the connection increases your influence in every situation to achieve your OKRS – Objectives and key results.

The connection is important to influence people

According to experts, we are bombarded with 35,000 messages a day. Wherever we go, wherever we look, someone is trying to get our attention.

Every politician, advertiser, journalist, family member and acquaintance has something to tell us.

Every day we are faced with e-mails, text messages, billboards, television advertisements, films, radio, social networks, blogs, newspapers, magazines and books.

Our world is full of messages and words.

How do we choose which messages to receive and, at the same time, transmit to influence people?

How can we really communicate with others?

List 5 reasons that help you understand the importance of communication in influencing people.

The connection can decree your success or your downfall

People cannot succeed in life without communicating effectively.

It’s not enough just to work hard. It’s not enough just doing a great job. To succeed, you must learn how to truly communicate with people and establish a bond.

Connection is the key to everything

If you can connect with others at all levels, one by one, in groups and with an audience, your relationships will be stronger, the sense of community will improve, the ability to do teamwork will increase, your influence on people it will increase and your productivity will skyrocket.

Connection is crucial for a leader

If you want to become more productive and influential, learn to become a leader.

Everything depends on your leadership and the best leaders are always excellent communicators.

Connecting is essential if you are trying to drive only a child or an entire nation.

The connection serves in every area of life

Of course, the connection is not just for leaders. It is for everyone who wants to be more effective what he does or enjoys better relationships.

When people have the ability to connect, they make a huge difference in what they can accomplish.

You don’t have to be a high-profile president or manager to search for a connection. Connection is vital for every person who wants to achieve success.

The connection starts with the attitude

The ability to connect with others begins with an understanding of the value of people. It’s all a question of attitude!

You can become more effective by learning to connect with every type of person in every situation:

Studies, made on a very large number of leaders and managers, have found a direct correlation between communicative effectiveness and the ability to take care of people and to know how to connect.

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