I do not think we need to explain what’s going Pokémon Go right? Well, for those who have lived in a cave in recent days, Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon in which half the world is losing the head, which has not only served to catch pokemon, but has also caused millions of people leave the sedentary life, and has even helped people with depression and anxiety, not for nothing is as mobile gaming more using in the history of the United States.

And along with the euphoria, today a true master Pokémon has used its maker skills, to create an incredible solution to these endless marathons game where our battery pay the consequences, because it has created a printed cover 3D with integrated battery-shaped Pokedex.

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The sheath that every teacher needs Pokémon

As you know, the Pokedex is one of the indispensable tools in their quest Ash pokemon, which consists of a small intelligent device that responds with data from the various Pokemon world. This Pokedex we can make ourselves is not as smart as Ash, but to put our smartphone inside, we can at least look as if it is, we, in the end our smartphone is a Pokedex potential.

A user known as NPOOLE has created a sleeve-shaped Pokedex, which is printed 3D ABS plastic and designed for use with a Galaxy S4 or some other terminal with similar dimensions, whatever with a hinged lid to protect and access screen as well as a hole in the rear to free the camera.

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Inside are a battery of 2600 mAh with its own USB cable to connect your smartphone, plus it includes up their own red, yellow and green LEDs, which are fed with the same battery and give that familiar touch and the Pokémon fans will recognize.

The fun part is that NPOOLE published steps to manufacture, as well as 3D models and the necessary files on GitHub; its creator says that is just the first version of its project, which spent about $ 40. In the next days you will be refined details like the design as well as the possibility of adding a higher capacity battery, in addition to work on Pokedex compatible with other smartphones on the market, which we have already seen the iPhone version 6s in experimental version.

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