Mechanical keyboard

No manufacturer who does not want to combine comfort and user experience in your accessories with keyboard for tablets, while reducing the size and weight. Razer is the last one, by surprise, he has entered the race to offer the best keyboard for tablet market.

The Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case is an accessory for the tablet iPad Pro 12.9 inch Apple, and where the big news is found that is a mechanical keyboard in which Razer launches a new type of switch for profiles ultra-low keyboards.

Mechanical keyboard
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A mechanical keyboard with new switches

The first Razer keyboard for tablets strengthens the product line outside the gaming world but maintaining the finishing high – profile company. In this keyboard each switch has a trigger point and restart independently, weighing 70 grams pressure. Nevertheless, the keyboard is kept in a weight and thickness that makes it suitable for use as an accessory to a tablet. It remains to be seen what level of noise.

The newly developed ultra-low profiles entails further improvement: an increase in the life cycle of each up to 80 million keystrokes, according to Razer.

As a cover, this keyboard comprehensively protects the Apple tablet, and magnetically coupled not only on the keyboard but the tablet is coupled in a polycarbonate case where an adjustable height metal stand is included. Something very supportive of this keyboard is that it comes backlit.

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With these features, the range is 10 hours using the maximum brightness of the auxiliary lighting, and up to 600 hours if we keep it off, all thanks to the use of Bluetooth 4.0.

If the keyboards with cover level generally already expensive accessories, the mechanical Razer is in that league: 189.99 dollars. But as we have seen, with extras so far away from their rivals, mainly the type of switch.

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