Best Headphones

There are plenty of headphones that you can buy to listen to music or to use as a headset. For example, music lovers want headphones with a clear sound and a hard bass, while gamer want headphones that allow them to hear the game well. In shooting games they listen very carefully to the footsteps of the opponents. When choosing the right headphones you have a lot of choice. Perhaps too much to make a right choice. We have listed the 3 best headphones for you to simplify choosing the right headphones.


Best Headphones

Besides that JBL sells high-quality speakers, the headphones are also of high quality. The best choice for headphones from JBL is the JBL E55BT. The design is very stylish and the headphones fall well over the ear thanks to the oval ear pads. With the JBL E55BT you can listen to crystal clear music for 20 hours. The headphones can be used wirelessly and is easy to operate with the buttons on the ear cups. But you can also connect it with a cable. In addition, you can also make calls with the built-in microphone, which is also wireless. You can order the headphones online for around $97.

Sennheiser PC 373D

Best Headphones

These headphones provide an accurate and clear game sound. You experience the sounds all around you through the Dolby Surround technology. With Noise canceling you can fully focus on the sound that comes through the headphones. Electrical signals filter out unwanted sounds so you will not be disturbed by the noise in the environment. The microphone of the headset contains noise cancellation so that fellow players can understand you well. This headset is very suitable for experienced gamers, besides a good gaming PC you also need the right headset. Experience lifelike game sound with the Sennheiser PC 373D Gaming headset. It can be ordered online for $215.

Sony WH-1000XM3

Best Headphones

Sony headphones are quite expensive but have enough qualities and functions that make the reasonably expensive price good. With hi-res audio you listen to studio quality so your music sounds crystal clear. It also contains Sense Engine, this system automatically detects your environment and adjusts the sound accordingly. Sony headphones also have Noise canceling so you will not be disturbed by the sounds in your area. Sony claims that the battery lasts 30 hours when you listen to music. The full charging time is about three hours, so this takes quite a long time. The headphones themselves are well around the ears due to the pressure-reducing ear cushions. This makes the headphones feel comfortable after a long time listening to music. As already mentioned, the headphones are fairly expensive and you can only pre-order them in the Netherlands for $379.

Do you already own one of these headphones? Share your experience in the comments below. Would you prefer a different pair of headphones?

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