Sony WF-1000X

On the occasion of IFA 2017, Sony presented the renewal of its headphones with noise cancellation and two new members that expand its range of headphones. One of these novelties is the Sony WF-1000X that we have been able to analyze, a headset that surprises with the sound quality and technologies included.

With similar points to the great Sony MDR-1000X, these analyzed headphones offer wireless connectivity, a compact design and noise cancellation technology that make it a very attractive option in the market. If you are interested, read on.

Features of the Sony WF-1000X

Sony WF-1000X
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Diaphragm unit 6mm (dome type) Neodymium magnet
Frequency response 20Hz – 20,000 Hz (44.1kHz sampling)
Kind Wireless in-ear
Connection BT 4.1 and NFC
Autonomy maximum 3 hours
Loading time 1.5h approx. For 100%
Autonomy charging case Up to 8 hours (standby time 35 hours)
Load of the case USB
Additional features Noise cancellation, Adaptative Sound Control, app for iOS and Android, several long hybrid silicone plugs (SS, S, M, L X2), adjustment brackets (M, L X2) and Triple Comfort plugs (S, M, L X2)
Dimensions and weight Cargo case 103 x 42.6 x 24.5 mm and 70gr
Price $220 on Amazon, available in black and gold

The Sony WF-1000X headphones are wireless, connect via Bluetooth 4.1 and offer NFC for a simpler and faster pairing. Each headset has its own battery that offers about 3 hours of playback. They are charged through its case which in turn integrates a battery with up to 9h of playback and up to 35h of standby.

The diaphragm of each earphone has a diameter of 6mm and is constructed with a Neodymium magnet. The response in frequencies is 20Hz-20000Hz and adds the noise cancellation technology already seen in some proposals from last year.

Compact and minimalist

Sony WF-1000X
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The format of these Sony WF-1000X is nothing new. We have already seen similar proposals such as the Samsung Icon X or the Bragi The Dash. Pretty compact products with a minimalist touch that make them attractive but not suitable for all users.

In the Sony proposal we see a small product that offers in-ear type headphones. Its dimensions are small and highlights the hook (interchangeable and available in two sizes) that allows you to keep them better in place. Despite this, it is not a guarantee of adaptation to all types of ears.

With different types of pads or plugs (silicone long hybrids -SS, S, M, L2- and Triple Comfort -S, M, L2) if you are one of those who do not usually have many problems with this type of solutions It’s true that they fit well, they do not fall off easily and they insulate a lot.

With different types of pads or plugs plus a hook the ergonomics and holding capacity is high. Still, they do not guarantee perfect adaptation to all kinds of ears

Regarding comfort, they are not annoying to use for long periods of use. It is true that, if you do not adapt well to the in-ear type headphones, the feeling they generate when you wear them is strange. But issues like the weight or possible hooks of other models here are not a problem. In addition, in front of other in-ear that are linked together by a cable, the head movements do not cause the cable pull one or the other.

Sony WF-1000X
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As additional design details, the Sony WF-1000X only integrates a single button on each handset. Depending on whether the left or right will have different functions …

  • Left handset: on / off and change of noise cancellation mode
  • Right earphone: play / pause and charge level

For the rest, manufactured with quality materials, the construction and feeling of being resistant is something that is valued as soon as you have them in your hand.

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With two colors available (black and gold) next to the headphones we have a bag or carrying case that in turn serves as a charging base. Allowing about 9 hours of music playback in total, 3 hours with the headset battery. These are official figures that correspond more or less to reality. Leaving a day from home early and returning at night, the time of use with a single charge approached at two hours and 40 minutes. During the following days and without loading the case I could use them for another 8 hours.

Therefore, if we load the case when we are at home we can forget about battery problems. The only problem is that the charge of the headphones in the case of running out of battery is not as fast as we would have liked.

Sound quality and surprising noise cancellation

Sony WF-1000X
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Some headphones, beyond their design and comfort of use, important factors, have to be valued mainly for their sound quality. In the case of the Sony WF-1000X meets and exceeds.

In this type of headphones there are several limitations, for reasons of size and design, hardly salvageable against closed or open diadema. Still, Sony’s proposal surprises with a very clear sound in all its frequencies and bass that reach a very attractive punch.

It is true that the evaluation depends a lot on the user’s references to other products of higher or lower quality, how educated the ear is as well as the material that is used to reproduce but, in general, this Sony model complies.

In genres of all kinds the experience is more than satisfactory. The sound scene draws much attention and places these Sony WF-1000X above similar alternatives in price that are already on the market, such as Apple AirPods or those mentioned above.

Of course, if there is a feature that stands out in these Sony WF-1000X is its noise cancellation technology. With different profiles configurable through the application for iOS or Android, the efficiency is very high.

Sony WF-1000X
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Isolating external sounds in their entirety or partially, letting go of the essential sounds or voice, is a job that performs very well. In addition, thanks to the Adaptive Sound Control technologies, the headset is capable of activating one profile or another depending on the user’s situation. Not only because of the environment you are in, but also the activity you do (walking, running, going by public transport, driving). These parameters can be defined by us personally.

In the tests carried out, the cancellation has been effective. For this we must first use the appropriate pad for our ear but, once placed, if you go to a noisy environment you will notice the change as you activate one profile or another. It is not a 100% noise cancellation but annoying noises, like the engine of a bus, are drastically reduced.

There is another way to “pass” essential sounds: you still have to pay attention to our surroundings but they do not leave you “soundproofed” like some headphones, which can be dangerous for our integrity while we walk on the street, etc.

That is, as we are walking, waiting or mounted on public transport, activate a mode of noise cancellation or other to offer the best listening experience, being able to focus on your favorite music without anything bothering you but without putting you at risk or making miss some flight or important information.

Yes, Adaptative Sound Control requires a few seconds to process the ambient noise so it is not an immediate jump from one profile to another. Likewise, the jump can be somewhat annoying. Therefore it is convenient to know that this function we can activate or not according to our preferences.

Two applications to manage everything

Sony WF-1000X
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These headphones connect to your smartphone, tablet or any other device through your bluetooth connection. If we have NFC better yet because it will facilitate the whole pairing process. Still, to get the most out we need two applications available for both Android and iOS.

Sony Headphones Connect (iOS and Android) is what will allow us to configure the different profiles and options of the headphones. It is very simple to use and gives full control to adapt the Sony WF-1000X to our preferences.

On the other hand we have the Sony Music Center app (iOS and Android). Basically it gives us the option to see which headphones to use from the ones we have paired and also access to different streaming music applications such as Spotify, Play Music, etc. or songs that we have stored in our iOS or Android device.

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