We have recently seen how Amazon, the e-commerce giant, posed a very different physical store model than we know it to be. Its Amazon Go stores will use sensors and artificial intelligence so that ATMs are no longer necessary, but there are other initiatives in this regard.

Intel has just introduced one of them: the semiconductor manufacturer has launched its Responsive Retail Platform, a project that consists of various types of sensors and certain applications for physical stores to modernize. This platform will help provide inventory tracking or suggestions on consumer habits.

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More and more technology in stores

The idea is to provide physical commerce with a complete solution with which they can take advantage of the Internet of Things to offer a better service to customers and a more detailed, simple and effective management of the business.

Intel’s effort will be backed by a capital injection: the firm has said it will invest $ 100 million in this segment over the next 5 years.

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich participated in the NRF 2017 event and showed off developments such as Tally, the Simbe Robotics robot that allows auditing a store inventory by analyzing its shelves and checking if there is enough product and whether the prices of the tags are correct. This robot makes use of an Intel NUC with Core i7 processors and Intel RealSense cameras.

In this event also could see devices like those of Shima Seiki, able to create clothes on demand in clothing stores that fit the specific needs of customers. Virtual reality could also play an important role in that physical store revolution: the ShopperMX ™ HIVE platform allows virtual walks through stores that enhance the user experience but also serve to enable store managers to learn from those experiences and Improve the physical experience.

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