Meizu wireless speakers

While that Meizu has demonstrated that is very strong in the field of smartphones. Last year it sold 20 million handsets, although the vast majority of them ended up in China, where the manufacturer tries to achieve rivals like Xiaomi.

However in Meizu they are willing to recover their origins, because they started selling MP3 players and now they have created a unique wireless speaker called Gravity. Its unique design makes if we look from certain angles the speaker appears to be floating, but that’s not the only interesting novelty: the manufacturer has submitted the product through Indiegogo.

Meizu wireless speakers
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Meizu wants to design but also technology

That means that seek crowdfunding to confirm interest in a product that hope togenerate some excitement. This release via this platform also is a novelty because Meizu market the Gravity worldwide for a price of 199 dollars if you are even able to get fast 169, in stores will cost 249 dollars and get it ready, if all it goes as planned, in December 2016.

Here the advantage is obviously that unlike other projects launched with that philosophy in Meizu have the necessary resources to start manufacturing easily. Gravity design is made by Kosho Tsuboi, a young but well – known Japanese designer who has created a unique standing transparent support in which the speaker is based.

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That may give the feeling that as we look at where the speaker seems to be suspended, but also the prism and a mirror that serve display screen playback, which will control from any phone with Bluetooth. The speaker has an asymmetrical design and production experts collaborate Dirac Company. The 2 speakers and 10W 1.25 inches are connected to the amplifier TAS5754M chip from Texas Instruments.

That hardware destaa for its CPU Allwinner R16, a micro quad-core Cortex-A7 governing unit and is accompanied by 512 MB of RAM and 4 Gbytes of capacity. It has WiFi connectivity 802b / g / n and Bluetooth, and is governed by Android 4.4.2, allowing you to work natively with services like Spotify, or SoundCloud. Visit for more review.

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