segment of smartphones

Why HTC, Sony and LG are still in the segment of smartphones?

Competition is fierce in the segment of smartphones. The former referents have become mere comparsas, and companies like HTC, Sony and LG keep your bets year after year despite the reality yells insistently to leave. Do not you gain money, so why so much effort?

That is the question that many pose some manufacturers who have long been trying to regain a position that seems impossible to be recovered. Today only two giants can boast of making money with mobile: Apple and Samsung. Chinese manufacturers are unknown despite its growth, but its market share should convince HTC, Sony or LG to make a decision just taken not mentioned. A withdrawal time, they say, is a victory. There must be some reason for it not be for them.

Meizu wireless speakers

Meizu not only makes smartphones but also floating wireless speakers

While that Meizu has demonstrated that is very strong in the field of smartphones. Last year it sold 20 million handsets, although the vast majority of them ended up in China, where the manufacturer tries to achieve rivals like Xiaomi.

However in Meizu they are willing to recover their origins, because they started selling MP3 players and now they have created a unique wireless speaker called Gravity. Its unique design makes if we look from certain angles the speaker appears to be floating, but that’s not the only interesting novelty: the manufacturer has submitted the product through Indiegogo.