HP Omen 15

It was never better time to have a portable gaming: the available offer is excellent, but it is also constantly renewed, as evidenced by the new HP Omen 15.

The new generation of this team comes with changes in its design, but especially in its specifications, in which the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q shine with its own light. It is also one of the first teams to offer the Omen Game Stream service that turns this laptop into a streaming game server for other connected PCs without so much graphic power.

Aggressive design, but more compact

The design of the new Omen 15 maintains the inheritance of its predecessors with those aggressive lines and the combination of red, black and a combination of angled lines.

HP Omen 15

Those responsible for HP highlight how this new version, however, is 7.4% more compact than the previous HP Omen 15, and in that improvement of dimensions highlights the decrease in thickness (5%) and a lot of screen frames less thick.

In fact they are 65% thinner on the sides and 35% smaller on the top frame, but also slightly changes the layout of the keyboard, which does not have for example that pronounced space for the cursor keys.

Welcome, GTX 1070 Max-Q

The new HP Omen 15 stand out however for its new hardware configurations, which make use of the new eighth-generation Intel processors with the H family as the protagonist . This means that we have configurations of CPUs of up to 6 cores, something that will undoubtedly have an impact on better performance in all areas.

The most important novelty at hardware level is not really that, but the arrival of models with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q. Last year we only reached 1060 Max-Q, so the gain in graphic power is significant.

As we saw in its presentation in May 2017, this series of dedicated graphics offer excellent performance, somewhat below its original versions but very oriented to laptops that thanks to certain improvements can be thinner, quieter and even efficient with these graphics.

HP Omen 15

In fact it is more than feasible to take full advantage of the optional screen with support frequencies of refresh of 144 Hz thanks to that graph that will be able to offer very high rates of fluidity if we choose 1080p resolutions to play, although we have options with Full screens HD with that resolution and refresh rate or 4K screens at 60 Hz.

These configurations can be completed with up to 32 GB of RAM and various storage combinations with traditional disk drives, SSD drives and even Intel Optane drives.

You can now have a streaming server for games at home

One of the most unique features of HP Omen 15 software is the support of HP Omen Game Stream technology, a system that basically offers the same as Steam Link, turning your computer into a streaming server for your games home.

HP Omen 15

That means you can have the laptop in one room and enjoy high quality games and good fps rates on another computer in your home network, for example an old PC or laptop that you have in the room as HTPC.

This technology is based on Parsec and can broadcast games in 1080p at 60 fps, and as in other alternatives, what you see on the screen of that auxiliary PC is the video of what the streaming server is taking out on screen. Here, as always, a good network connection is vital so that the streaming experience is not degraded.

HP Omen 15, price and availability

HP Omen 15

The new HP Omen will be available at the end of July in the United States with prices starting from $979 for models with the GTX 1050 Ti and with prices starting at $1699 for models with the GTX 1070 Max-Q and screen 4K.

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