Aura will not be the only computers all in one is going to put the batteries this season with a hardware would be happy to the best of players. If you liked this proposal, I guess I will also call your attention to what people prepared Origin PC for E3 2016.

This is why another team in which all components are located behind the screen and each of them has been chosen so that gamers are very satisfied. The computer responds to the name as the first argument Omni and purchase have a screen 34 inches.

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That screen is curved, has chosen a panel with ultra panoramic proportions, and has a resolution of 3.440×1.440 pixels. So far so good, very nice and flashy, but without good artillery inside to move graphics, we can do little.

Companies that traditionally stood towers to play, computers are beginning to offer “all-in-one” uncompromisingly for the discerning leisure

They tell us that there will be multiple configurations for it, but we emphasize the possibility of placing an Intel Core i7-6950X, yes that of the ten cores. There is even room for Xeon models in the future.

Fits a GeForce GTX 1080

Actually there is room for plates platform mini-ITX – Z170, X99 – and there can be placed up to 32GB of RAM (DDR4) and graphics options that scare, such as an all -powerful GeForce 1080 GTX.

We can imagine the price of configurations and scare us, as we check when entering the web of your competitor Aura – we can also do it here – but the reality is that we can assemble a supercomputer that is hidden behind the screen.

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I hope that you have studied very well cooling systems for the bug, so we soon see that there are two big fans – one for CPU, one for graphic – and tell us that no liquid cooling option.

Connect the console

A point in favor of Omni, which are not contemplating the all-in-one, is the HDMI input that has on its back. With it we miss the pantallón not and can connect an Xbox or PS4, or to watch TV TDT. How many of us have thought about and take advantage teams like the iMacs.

Looping the loop say that has a display system inside another, what we know as PiP, which allows us to see two signals at once: play Doom while watching Game of Thrones small screen, all on the same screen, very beautiful.

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