AMD surprised an Nvidia quite grown by the power of its latest graphics, it was with a RX 480 was the coming- out of the Polaris platform. The proposal surprised to be considerably cheaper than what the competition offers, while maintaining a very high level of power with the need to deal with virtual reality level.

Polaris as the family grows, and AMD has decided to introduce new members in such important as the stage E3 2016, where all players have their eye. Specifically are two models that have been advanced: Radeon RX RX 470 and 460, both under the RX480 in performance, and therefore also have a lower price.

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The Radeon RX 470 is the model designed for those who want to play in the most widespread conditions resolution, Full HD. If the RX480 will cost $ 200, we can imagine a very competitive price in this model.

The case of the Radeon RX 460 is a card one step below, for those who want a dedicated graphics to play, but also want to invest significant money, or be used in less demanding games. AMD puts ‘League of Legends’ as a game that work perfectly on this card.

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As the first Polaris, the new models are built with manufacturing technology 14nm (FinFET). AMD tells us that these models will have versions for portable solutions or configurations of small computers (The RX 460 is related to 75W).

Unfortunately they have not formally taught models at E3 – the plates are in the hands of the CEO – or have given prices or dates, simply that they are developing and will go under the Polaris presented at the Computex.

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