How badly are faring Japanese companies that make portable? In a time were leaders in technology and design, creating teams that everyone wanted to have, often as great alternatives to Apple devices, but the reality is that none has done him good new more oriented mobile business time.

The most famous case was that of the VAIO business separation of the almighty Sony, a well-appreciated brand that has had to go through to survive alone mainly oriented to the Japanese market. We have seen its “resurrection” in laptops, also its first steps with phones with operating systems Windows 10 and Android.

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Today we show how the brand is taking quite warm in its archipelago of birth, where he presented a new model called VAIO C15. Its main selling point and you can see it in pictures, colors and striking appearance.

Away from the idea of premium laptop and business it seems that was the niche market that would move VAIO, this C15 wants to claim the attention of the large audience that appreciates design and customizing your gadgets. In Japan, this it is something that works, so it seems a logical move, although it is not cheap, as discussed below.

What’s in a VAIO C15? As we have a basic laptop 15.5 inches with a resolution quite Justito, 1.366×768 pixels, with a brain that we cannot ask too much: Intel Celeron 3215U. It is accompanied by 4GB of RAM. This configuration change is slightly less than 600 dollars.

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There is room for full-size keyboard with alphanumeric area. Curious size for the spacebar

There is a superior model that you can place 1080p display, an Intel Core i 8GB of RAM, but you cannot tell how much more we ask for it, do not specify or I do not know find in the Japanese page.

In both models, thanks to the screen size, there is room for a full alphanumeric keyboard with your hand to the right. Curious design of the space bar, minimum. Available colors are white / copper Navy / gray, yellow / black and orange / khaki.

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