GoPro Snorkeling

The activity most practiced by fans of our community? Definitely, GoPro Snorkeling to practice without weighing down with cylinders, wetsuits and professional equipment. In this article, we will see the best accessories to capture the most beautiful images on the water with GoPro and the advice of the experts!

GoPro Snorkeling vs. Underwater

Many people tend to confuse snorkeling with scuba diving in general. In reality, the first has a prerogative: the snorkel (from the English ‘mouthpiece’). The use of the snorkel requires you to always remain at a certain maximum distance from the surface. For this reason, the snorkeling activity is between a depth of 0 to 5 meters.

Therefore, the activity is very different starting from the environments in which the underwater excursion is carried out: being the snorkeling near the surface, the ideal environments are those with shallow waters, near the coast, perhaps a beautiful coral reef.

GoPro Snorkeling

See, hear and feel underwater

Starting this activity is simple: you do not need a particular course and the equipment is limited to mask, snorkel, fins. And of course, a GoPro camera.

However, before diving, it is necessary to keep in mind what will affect our experience. Water is about 800 times denser than air and causes alterations in light, heat and sound. When light filters from air to water, it changes speed and slightly deviates its direction.

This is refraction and has the effect of enlarging all objects by about 25%. On the other hand, sound travels in water at four times the speed of air: it, therefore, becomes difficult to understand where it comes from.

Your waterproof and unsinkable GoPro

Before setting up shots, perspectives, settings, etc. the most important thing: float your GoPro! I often hear of people, alas, who lose their video cameras while diving. To avoid accidents of this kind, it is necessary to have a floating accessory or support.

Protip: Use the accessory you like most to make the camera float even when diving in inland waters! We often think that lakes, rivers, reservoirs, etc., are not that deep, but in reality, they can be and often, there is also a lot of currents.

Dome: images between water and air

Many think that the Dome for GoPro only serves to achieve the famous effect of photos taken half underwater and half above. It is certainly the reason that made this support famous and the Dome is the only accessory that allows you to get it.

Yet this support is much more versatile! Used for snorkeling at shallow depths, it makes images clearer and is valid floating support.

Protip: If you don’t need the dome, you can use the grip and convenience of the Dome’s trigger system even for deep dives. To use the grip and trigger system with GoPro HERO6, HERO5 and HERO 2018 you will need to use the Frame in the box, not a waterproof case.

Subjective shooting and hands free

You will have understood. We are going to talk about the Masks with support for GoPro. There are two main reasons why they are in great demand.

Handheld shooting both in and out of the water is generally choppy. By placing the camera on the head we can take advantage of the natural stabilization offered by our neck and our vertebrae!
The second reason concerns the actual activity of snorkeling, then swimming. Unless fins are used, hands must be free to swim freely.

The GoMask comes in three models: two diving masks and a full face. The first two are dedicated to those who, in addition to snorkeling, also do scuba diving, spearfishing and diving. While the GoMask GrandView is dedicated to those who only snorkel, thanks to the snorkel with the integrated ventilation system.

Is it time for the selfie?

In reality, those who already dive with a pole or handle for snorkeling know that they are not just for selfies. With an extendable rod, it is possible to reach places with the arm you cannot, reach the most distant subjects, angle the shot with many more possibilities than manual shooting.

Even in the case of rods and handles for snorkeling, we have several choices. We can opt for neutral support that we can comfortably use, even for deep dives. Or choose a floating mount that makes our GoPro unsinkable.

Protip: The extendable temples are hollow inside. To prevent water from entering the interior, open it to the length you want when dry and not change the water’s length.

GoPro Snorkeling Color and Focus

As we have said, snorkeling is an activity that takes place near the surface. However, we often also mean a hybrid activity with scuba diving, diving even up to 7/8 meters deep. Always without cylinders, wetsuits and specific equipment. For this “deep snorkeling,” there are solutions to improve the shots studied ad hoc. So let’s talk about snorkeling lenses and filters.

Protip: The snorkel filters are suitable for shooting from 1.5 to 7 meters deep. Using these filters at too limited depth may result in red or magenta cast videos and photos (depending on the filter).

Secure your GoPro

You’ve just finished your shoot, you’ve captured some truly breathtaking images and come back to shore, put down the GoPro and it’s immediately full of sand!

Sand, salt, accidental bumps or poor maintenance can compromise the waterproofness of your GoPro. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to always use a protective accessory and remember that the watertight houses are not just for going underwater!

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