Valves are everywhere. You have several valves in your body right now or at least they act like one as they are organic. However, without valves we would be in a very difficult situation. Valves are a n essential part of our homes, business and factories that without them would be very difficult. There are lots of different types of valves that all perform in different ways and for specific purposes. Industrial Valves are the most common to be used as they generally relate to the slow control of chemicals and materials. Here are a few of the most well used valves.

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  1. Isolation valves. These incredible hand devices enable us to shut off sections of pipe so that we can make repairs to other sections or replace worn parts. You’ll clearly see an isolation valve when you come to turn your water off if you need to change a tap.
  2. A regulator valve. These are designed to stop the water coming into the home and then blasting the fixtures out of the sink the first chance it gets. In other words through the use of a diaphragm in the valve it restricts and regulates the amount of water pressure that comes into the home and reaches the plumbing fixtures.

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  1. Safety Relief Valves. These are a much larger scale version of the regulator valve. You’ll see many of them on rooftops and the like. In short the Safety relief valve is there to make sure that none of the equipment is damaged by the pressures that liquid can impose on the fixtures. These valves know when there is too much strain on a valve or system elsewhere and are willing to take the strain away from it. A vital safety component indeed.
  2. Non-Return Valves. As the name suggests this valve is only used when you don’t want the stuff you’ve storing to come back the way it’s just come from. You can imagine that when it comes to harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be mixed this type of valve is a definite requirement.

There are many others than these examples of valves in existence. In many cases they are specialist and bespoke valves that are needed for specific tasks in a warehouse or a factory. Whatever the case there will always be a use for valves somewhere in the world.

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