We are living through a very difficult financial era, where the cost of living is soaring, energy prices are higher than ever and families all over the country are struggling to make ends meet.  Making extra money to make the weekly budget stretch further is essential, so if you have a hobby or skill that could be turned into a money-making venture then why not give it a try.  By making knitted toys or children’s clothes, little wooden ornaments, maybe painting personalised pictures or braiding people’s hair at a craft market or fair you could make extra money.

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It doesn’t have to cost much money to get started, just invest in a Recyclable Displays unit from a professional company such as https://www.colourstudios.co.uk/recyclable-displays and you are ready to go to your first market. Make sure you have plenty of stock ready to sell, pick a popular and busy fair and choose a weekend to try your first sale.  The more people there are at the venue, the more stock you are likely to sell and the more money you could potentially make.

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Do your research as to what sells well at local markets and tailor your home-made crafts to those criteria.  Keep your outgoings as low as possible, make your prices competitive, have plenty of colourful stock, arrive at the fair early and set up ready for the first customers to arrive.

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