Web designing is constantly evolving. What was common practice 6 months ago is no longer what is considered as being modern. If you want a website that is as modern as possible and as effective as it could be, you want to think about what is now available in terms of possible technology or marketing approach. A dynamic web design is normally preferred these days since it is really important to get the attention of the visitor really fast. While some time ago we were focused on layout creation for desktop systems, these days we focus on a digital audience that uses many mobile devices. That is why we want to always think about visual storytelling, which basically offers a more engaging experience.

Website Storytelling – What Should You Know?

Visual storytelling is definitely gaining popularity really fast in the web design world. The phenomenon is basically quite old since storytelling techniques have been used for over 5 years now. However, the focus that is put right now on visual storytelling is much higher. Visual storytelling is basically surely going to be one of the highest web design trends we will see in 2017.

The only real problem is that visual storytelling involves so many different aspects. It is not enough to create a design that looks great. You need to also get the marketing team on board so the story that is told is appropriate for the business.

Complex Visuals And Storytelling

We see many business owners that simply say that they do not want to use this technique because everything has to be really complex. That is not actually the case. In reality, storytelling is all about the story that is said and will be focused on the end game, not on how great the visuals are. When many images are necessary to create the story, using multiple pages is a good idea. Also, most of the stories you will tell in marketing campaigns will not use more than 8 images.

Including The Audience In The Story

One of the main reasons why visual storytelling is so big at the moment in modern website design is that it is capable of pulling in the visitor. When a visitor becomes a part of the story all is much more effective. Sites will now reward the users for registration form filling. As an example, we have Swarm App, which rewards people when they are the “mayor” of a real life location. Being a part of the story makes people stay more on the site and do more actions that are in the interest of the owner.

Visual Storytelling Is For?

Obviously, visual storytelling is not going to be effective for all sites. It is important to think about using this when the sites are often updated and keep offering continuous information. You want to the story that you tell to be relevant. If the site will not be updated for a long time in the future, why consider this? Also, if the design elements you use in the site are particularly large, visual storytelling techniques will only make everything harder for the visitor to deal with.

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