As we continue the current trend for home working and remote working the need to stay in touch for business purposes is paramount. Luckily, there are several ways that the business person on the go, or rather, working from home, can use to stay in touch and keep the profit of the company still following an upward trend.

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First of all if you need to have an upgrade do not despair. A quick visit to a Vodafone Store Ireland  is all that you will need to get the latest machines and what they can offer you. When you have a new phone in place here are some of the best to use.

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  1. Microsoft Teams.  Where would we be without the godfather of all things computer language and programmes? It’s a fair point to make that without Teams working from home would be very difficult. Teams is any overarching program that lets you mingle with colleagues and see their faces on video chat. Whole meetings can be conducted with a slew of workmates. You can share screens to present data and even work in multimedia applications and surveys. It can also be run from a phone or tablet.
  2. Whats app. The quick and secure internet phone system allows you to have perfect one to ones. The fact that both sides of the call are encrypted mean that there is greater protection for you both.
  3. Zoom. The pandemic has really pushed Zoom into the limelight, not only due to the famous bloopers people have committed on them during meetings including a now infamous angry local council meeting. All that aside, the system gives you a free 40 minute window before it starts to charge you or you subscribe to it.

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