Website security is a must for any internet site. Websites around the world are under constant attack by hackers, malicious bots and those wanting to steal personal or financial data. As many as 86% of all websites will face an assault at some point, and many never recover.

Don’t delay! Whether it is protecting your online reputation or ensuring your client’s financial data is secure, website security should be a priority for all online businesses.

SiteLock is the global leader in website security, protecting over 8 million websites around the world and partnering with many of the leaders in the internet marketplace.

A simple scan of SiteLock reviews, shows clients appreciate the comprehensive service plans, the 24/7 expert support services and the professional efficiency that they have when dealing with any issues.

Protecting the worlds websites

What sets SiteLock apart is its INFINITY service that provides continuous scanning, malware removal, repair of any vulnerabilities and unlimited expert support.

What is SiteLock® INFINITY™?

SiteLock INFINITY is a remediation service exclusive to SiteLock. The patent-pending technology detects and remediates malware and vulnerabilities site wide. Combining in-depth website scanning with automatic removal of malware, SiteLock INFINITY performs with a degree of accuracy that exceeds its competitors.

Continuously Scanning

Competitors typically offer a once-a-day scan while SiteLock INFINITY scans your site constantly all day. Once your site has been scanned, it is scanned again. Depending on the size of your site this can be multiple times in the course of an hour and dozens of times each day. As a cloud-based service provider, SiteLock is the only website security company that offers this level of continuous service.

Finds and Removes Malware Immediately

Using the high frequency of INFINITY scanning means malware is found and removed essentially within moments of it attacking your website. This quick action ensures that viruses are never given a chance to spread to other areas of your network.

Detects and Remediates Vulnerabilities

INFINITY looks for advanced vulnerabilities — like Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injections (SQLi). Be wary of other players on the market that only provide surface level scans, SiteLock performs the most in-depth scans available in today’s marketplace.

Expert Support

When you choose INFINITY scanning package, you can be confident you will get the support you need with no additional service fees. All malware removals, even those requiring advanced intervention, are including in the INFINITY package price. Your website will be secure and maintained with the industry’s best malware and vulnerability remediation program that you can buy for your website.

As an online business, you need to ensure the personal and financial data for your clients, staff and business are protected and secure from all vulnerabilities and malware. SiteLock’s INFINITY service is the best on the market. Along with 24/7 expert support, easy to use multi-lingual dashboard, no installations, and the most cutting edge technology, your can be confident your website will be protected and secure.

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