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At a time when staying at home is imperative Samsung suggests how to best use the Smart TV features to stay connected and live their passions. We can call it a living room, lounge or living room, in fact it is the place where we spend most of our time. It is the space where you can watch TV, listen to music, play with your children, receive friends and relax and, in this period, it is the real heart of our daily life.

Never as in these days when staying at home is the necessary condition for our good and those around us, the TV is a true ally that keeps company with those who are alone but also with families, where each member has tastes and needs different. And here technology is really at our service, thanks to the features and features that Smart TVs offer, which allow us to make the most of time at home and to rediscover and appreciate being together. Keep Reading textsheet alternative

Watch your favorite TV shows

One of the most popular activities is the so-called “binge watching” of TV series: to organize real TV marathons with the whole family, it is sufficient to consult the “on demand catalogs” such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Apple TV, NOW TV, DAZN , Rakuten TV, the ideas are many, even with the arrival in Italy of the highly anticipated Disney +. For a very high definition experience, Samsung and CHILI with a partnership offer the owners of Samsung QLED TV 8K the exclusive opportunity to see some native content in 8K.

Learn or improve foreign languages with Smart TV

As confirmed by some linguistic studies, the original TV series are not only a useful tool, but even preferable to traditional grammar manuals, especially if you want to refine the colloquial language. What better time than this to watch or watch the most popular films or series in the original language?

Discover the YouTube world

Thanks to the voice function of the One Remote Control of Samsung TV, just ask to open the YouTube app and the video you want to see to start entertainment: from extreme sports to the latest music videos, from tutorials for motor fans to the reviews of the latest tech devices, from smartphones to appliances, without forgetting children’s channels, a source of inspiration (and relief!) for many parents looking for ideas to entertain their home-bound children.

Listening to music

As a background while working or carrying out domestic activities, or to listen to the charts of the moment, music finds its place in Radio on TV and in dedicated apps. With Samsung QLED TVs, you can connect directly to the Spotify and Deezer platforms to access your favorite music and podcasts. Finally, with AirPlay, you can stream your own multimedia contents or listen to a song simultaneously on each TV at home, adjusting the volume in each room … almost a home concert.

Smart TV and physical activity

You should not get sedentary or boredom just because you are forced to stay at home! It is enough to look for videos and tutorials that best suit our sporting habits to make healthy movement, even within four walls. From yoga to dance to functional training, there is no shortage of ideas, and using the Screen Mirroring function from your smartphone you can also view the work outs of the most famous fitness apps directly on the TV screen, to force even the most sedentary partner to abandon the sofa for a couple workout.

Share memories

Watching videos and photos to relive the best moments and the most exciting journeys, even in the form of albums and slideshows, has never been easier thanks to AirPlay2. Samsung has equipped all its QLED TVs with the Screen Mirroring function, which allows you to replicate the audio and video files stored on your smartphones and tablets on the screen. In addition, the Samsung Gallery app, already installed on Samsung Smart TVs, allows you to view smartphone photos directly on TV. Waiting for the next trip, why not take a dip in the memories of the most beautiful holidays?

Manage your home connected directly from the sofa with Samsung

There are many parents who arrive exhausted at the end of the day, or workers who find it difficult to come to terms with smart working … so why not make things even simpler, at least when it comes to managing the home. SmartThings is the paradigm of the connected house according to Samsung, and allows you to communicate and control all the devices connected to the wi-fi of your home through a single interface. Just set up the SmartThings app on your QLED TV to receive notifications, monitor and control the other devices of your smart home. Thanks to SmartThings it is possible to dim the lights, creating the right atmosphere for watching a movie, directly from the television, but also to be notified when the washing machine has finished the washing cycle, even in the middle of a binge watching session,

It is the constant drive for innovation that has led Samsung to maintain a leadership position in the global TV market for 14 consecutive years, guiding the evolution of a sector that never ceases to amaze.

Today we live in a new era of smart and connected devices: consumers expect TV capable of integrating with their lifestyle and Samsung is once again redefining its role, creating new digital services and designing innovative design solutions to improve the viewing experience, offering increasingly advanced technologies, such as 8K, without forgetting the evolution of Lifestyle televisions, with a range that includes The Frame and The Serif.

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