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The world seems to have stagnated as a result of the coronavirus. Companies have given the green light to telework for all their employees and minors have settled at home due to the suspension of classes. For this reason, we have been forced to resort to internal hobbies.

In South Korea, one of the first countries affected by the coronavirus, sales of video game consoles soon shot up. Lotte Mart, a famous hypermarket in the Asian country, has seen its video game sales increase by 336%. And is that what better hobby than playing video games?

However, this significant increase in the use of these electronic devices can lead to other problems. Internet connection, which is likely to be used by several household members at the same time, leads to connection difficulties. Therefore, one of the experts’ advice is to improve DNS for PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. But if you do not know what we are talking about, then we explain what the process consists of.

What is a DNS and why is a public one better?

A failed connection at any given time can be very frustrating. In these cases, it seems that the only solution is to call the company that provides us with Wi-Fi and see what steps can be taken. However, there are some solutions that can help us solve these problems.

One of them is to change the default DNS for a public one. A DNS is the method by which the name of the web we enter is translated into the IP address of the server in question, that is, a series of numbers that we have all seen on occasion. The website is hosted in these numbers. This process is carried out by default DNS, but can be changed to public DNS.

The use of public DNS allows access to the Internet in a faster and more secure way. By having a more stable connection, connection outages are ruled out, something fundamental in video games. In addition, public DNS protects you from your provider who, otherwise, will have access to all the information related to your visits and servers. It can also lead to parental control filters and protect against threats such as phishing, among others.

Public DNS is used by those who have in mind to hide their location. This is because its protocol is encrypted. Although in countries like Spain this situation is not so common, there are countries where access to certain content is prohibited.

Logically, there are many services that provide public DNS. In the case of not having the necessary information to know which is best for our situation, it is best to consult specialists. Websites like VPNpro advise on which DNS will be better in your specific case, depending on multiple factors such as the console you want to play with.

Quarantine can be an ideal situation to relax at home and change our connection to improve speed and security. Don’t waste time and find out.

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