What’s the prized possession of every PS4 gamer? While their stats and campaigns rank highly, their gaming system will always find its way to the top. Without it, those campaigns would never be started let alone completed and those stats would never be improved. When your PlayStation system is your most valued possession, you can’t let dirty hands and rough gameplay threaten your console and controllers. Keep your PS4 in mint condition witha vinyl skin.

A vinyl skin means you can munch on your chips and sip on your cola without worrying about potentially damaging your controllers. For those of you familiar with the salty grease that can come from eating your favourite flavour of potato chips, you might be wondering how a skin can stop the oil from spoiling your controller and jamming its toggles. Thin, precision cut pieces of vinyl will protect the DualShock 4, creating a barrier between your dirty fingers and the controller. When made out of 3M vinyl, a skin will also bead spilled sugary liquids, making it easy to clean up and great at preventing grime build-up.

When made out of 3M vinyl that’s cut to the exact dimensions of your DualShock, you never have to worry about an overhanging piece interfering with your game play or unfitted piece missing the one area that needs protection most. It fits over your controller like a sticker but without the frustrating glue and residues. In fact, you can easily peel it off to reapply or replace it with a completely different skin. Far better than cases that can add unnecessary inches to your controller, vinyl skins will barely be noticeable. Adding only a few millimetres, your skin won’t upset the smooth curves and contours of the DualShock.

Make Your PS4 Controller Stand Out With A Vinyl Skin

On top of protecting your controller and console, a vinyl skin has another advantage. A skin that fits over your PS4 has a huge opportunity for customization and flare. Because vinyl is so versatile, your skin can be your favourite colour – or a combination of colours and textures to make it truly unique. To see if your PS4 looks better in blue or orange, check out the PS4 controller skins by dbrand. They have a convenient build-a-skin feature on their website that allows you to see what your PS4 looks like in any skin. Blue, orange, or mahogany – it’s up to you! The best Playstation 4 controller skin options will make your friends jealous when they come over to beat the next campaign, as they’ll see how special your PS4 is.

When you use your PlayStation 4 every day, it really is special. So protect what you care about. Save your console and controllers from unnecessary damage by getting a PlayStation skin today! It’s the easiest way to make sure you stay on top of the rankings and blow through every new campaign.

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