Digital security and digital privacy have become at the forefront of discussions in recent months with big changes to the biggest mobile manufacturers with Android and Apple making major changes to the way permissions and data is handled – it is changing the way we use our favorite services from online gaming options at wish with the best sites that accept UK players to the way we pay our bills online too, but when it comes to staying safe online what are some of the best tips, and what are some of the best tools and methods out there that will help achieve this goal too?

App permissions and privileges – For many this will be the first step and something that’s often misunderstood by most users, with both Apple and Google making efforts to bring more transparency here, it is becoming easier to understand exactly what permissions apps are asking for, but it’s also important to gain some personal understanding of what the permissions are too. Rather than immediately granting access next time, read up on what the app is asking for, which permissions do and do not make sense, and make the choice accordingly, but this is one space that can increase online safety by some margin.

VPN’s and other measures – Watching any tech channel online or reading anything regarding online safety will often come with the recommendation to find use of a VPN and for good reason, they can do a fantastic job and keeping an online presence more secure and therefore safer too, but caution does need to be taken – there are some specific rules around when and where a VPN can and cannot be used in some countries, and some have been found to share data too, as such research is essential to ensure the highest quality VPN is chosen without putting any data at risk too.

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Password managers and similar tools – Similarly to VPNs, the latest big push has been targeted towards the use of password managers and other similar programs too – these have been heavily recommended by many in cybersecurity as a fantastic way to defeat one of the biggest weaknesses in security which is usually a personal password chosen by the user – with the ability to generate strong passwords and keep them securely stored across many devices these are a great solution to those who find themselves using the same passwords regularly and can be the lowest cost solution for improving online security.

These are just a few of the many measures being made available and recommended too and utilizing one or more can have a dramatic impact on security as a whole – combined with often common sense and a bit of knowhow, these solutions are the best possible choices.

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