Welcome Netatmo and Tags: Would you let a smart camera to make recognize who enters your home?

Neither we are 24 hours at home watching that no any intruder not many can have someone to do it. The most logical option is to resort to professional surveillance cameras or secure with alarm, but this we can get quite expensive.

A system that seeks to gain a foothold in this field is Netatmo Welcome: a camera that tells us whenever it detects someone at home. Either a known whether a stranger, Netatmo Welcome is able to differentiate and tell you exactly by notification in the mobile that has entered your home.

A design that masquerades as an element of the house

How is really the Netatmo Welcome? The cylindrical shape of the device and its coating gold anodized aluminum makes the camera can go unnoticed at home as an element that is part of the decor.

Its size of about palm (15.5 cm high and 4.5 cm in diameter) allows us to place it on any shelf in the lobby or lounge. The negative part of the design is that it does not work on batteries or battery, but we have to connect it to a power supply. This makes confine ourselves to a point where we have a nearby outlet and spoil the appearance slightly due to cable emerges from the rear.