Remix OS

Remix OS will focus on business, but the dream of convergence is still very lively

Those responsible for Jide, the company founded by former employees of Google, have announced a radical change of strategy. They will no longer offer Remix OS as a product for end users and will target it entirely to business users.

The famous version of Android that was designed to work on our PCs and laptops is therefore a professional alternative, but fortunately that idea of ​​convergence brought us Remix OS is very lively thanks to several alternatives.


Remix IO, Jide dares with a set-top box with Remix OS for $ 100

Jide wends its way to try to continue expanding its system Remix OS, the version of Android adapted to the desktop. After launching in September Remix Player, Remix OS emulator executable on any Windows computer, the Chinese company returns to the fray with a new hardware a set-top box which have called Remix IO.

The device is a kind of three in one device that can function as watching television, game console or miniPC small Android, all powered by a Remix OS based on Android Nougat. They claim that the device reaches the market next March, but to warm things up have launched a campaign Kickstarter to finance, promote it and to buy it for a starting price of just $100.