virtual reality glasses

What virtual reality glasses VR to buy with all the options according to your equipment and budget?

Perhaps, between technological gifts for Christmas, you’re thinking of buying glasses or kit of virtual reality (VR). Few product categories now offer a catalog of options that are so small but different.

Help you choose the best VR glasses according to your budget or computer where you want to use is the aim of this shopping guide where you will have to VR team is the best depending on the money you want to spend, the type of computer or smartphone that You want to use it, as well as the advantages and inconveniences of each of the models of virtual reality helmets that you can already buy.

The decision that matters most: What equipment will you use?

As I told you at the beginning of this guide, few product categories are so segmented depending on where you are going to use the VR glasses. For now the models available in the market have been created exclusively for certain products . And in that you will have to base the first sieve of models.

I want VR on my computer

The product category which has hosted virtual reality with more enthusiasm has been the PC world. And it has been mainly for gaming.

If you want to play and enjoy virtual reality on your PC, the first thing to know is that you need a capable and compatible computer. There desktops, for what we recommend our guide to shopping for a desktop VR and laptops, where we have a wide selection of ready models.