Intel Compute Stick 2016

Intel Compute Stick 2016: no improvement, but do not expect miracles!

The miniPCs are fashionable, and fever Chromecasts soon joined him, which allowed us to have a whole minicomputer that was connected via an HDMI dongle. That’s what Intel suggested among others, the first iteration of Intel Compute Stick analyze last year.

On that occasion, the proposal of this manufacturer found interesting but not particularly recommended: the benefits were limited, but Intel just launched the second review of this product that comes with significant improvements, and obviously we wanted to analyze it to see if this time the Intel Compute Stick (2016) is a more rounded product.

It will not win any design awards

HDMI dongles with this orientation does not usually give too many surprises in the field of design, and Intel Compute Stick (2016) is no exception. The product is bulkier than the last year ‘s edition, and measures 123x38x12 mm (103x37x12 mm) and heavier (60 g compared with 54 g model 2015), but this difference is offset by the presence of a second USB 3.0 port that certainly adds greater connectivity options, as in the model last year we had only one USB 2.0 port.