The technology that wants to improve our experience in bed to sleep better

This year there have been some rather peculiar characters at CES Las Vegas. We are not talking about Alexa, which to be virtual has had enough presence in the fair, but to the most peculiar devices among which we found “smart” beds and pillows. Is there also a fad in technology for sleep enhancement?

With the rise of mobile devices, the technology had been pointed rather guilty as to take away the dream, although in the end what is decisive is the use that is made in each case. But beyond the typical apps or wearables that monitor sleep in recent months we have seen how technology has been getting more into our bed (to rest).

What we see here is that we continue to use the adjective smart when talking about a connected object and that in the last proposal has been wanted to go beyond bracelets or quantifying tapes. The problem is that sometimes monitoring is not enough to solve a problem and that for newer products (and assets beyond counting) there is still nothing that proves its effectiveness (they have not been on the market for the most part).