Monkey Balance

Electric Skateboard Monkey Balance: How to skate with an electric skateboard?

Back in the 60s, Californians surfers to make things easier times of lack of waves, they put iron bearings wooden boards. So they do not forget the feeling of surfing while doing the shorter summer. It was known as the Surf ground. By analogy, it was practiced barefoot.

Much they have evolved materials and technologies that have made this modality in a culture and way of life. Balance Monkey people just present their contribution to the evolution of skateboarding adding an electric motor these days have proven Electric Skateboard and has left us with mixed feelings. If you’re a purist skate disown this type inventions. However, the general public will find attractive and comfortable to move around the city without effort.

Balance Monkey Electric Skateboard, technical specifications

The Electric Skateboard is a longboard with an electric motor at the rear that transmits power via a toothed belt on the left rear wheel. The “deck” is presented in a size of 37″ and slightly concave. It has reverse axles and wheels of 83-52 mm, with good absorption on uneven toreros. This setup is perfect to get started in the world longboard, providing you b uena stability, a good turning angle and safety on uneven terrain.