sit on the computer

How well sit on the computer and what health problems you will have if you do not

Most of us spend long hours at the computer. At eight – hour working day (Throw in a couple more if you’re self – employed) must also add our leisure hours playing online, catching up with our favorite series or watching YouTube videos, for example. In total, more than 10 hours a day that we spend sitting in front of the screen.

During those hours we spent at the computer and move and stir up the chair, we move, we move, we sat in Indian plan, we scurried to almost fall over the seat … And rarely we are sitting with good posture; perhaps the first three minutes. Can it take its toll on our health? Well, yes, and that’s how we can help.

What happens in our bodies when we sit?

We need to be aware of everything that happens in our Mintras body we are sitting: although we are in a proper position to work, the mere fact of being in the sitting position and involves subjecting our bodies to a position that is not the nature. And it is that our body is designed so that we are moving, not sitting for more than 10 hours a day.

From the moment we sat down and we stopped moving, our body begins to consume less energy (muscles require less calories since they are at rest) and the circulation of blood starts to become slower. They can be experienced peaks insulin and blood glucose. The back muscles become weaker since their use is not giving their support function.