These are the five reasons why I switched from Chrome to Mozilla’s revolutionary Firefox Quantum

On November 9, 2004 appeared on scene Firefox 1.0, a web browser that finally raised the expected alternative to the then ubiquitous Internet Explorer. Thirteen years later we have Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57) with us, a development that now faces an equally powerful enemy called Google Chrome.

How does Firefox Quantum want to win the battle of the browsers? Well with a new design and a new internal architecture that makes it faster and lighter in resources than ever. We have been working with Firefox 57 for two months, and the conclusions coincide with our first impressions: you should try it, because this Firefox is going to give a lot of war.

Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum: Firefox is faster and different on the outside and inside

Chrome has long been the main reference in the segment of web browsers, but Mozilla engineers have never thrown in the towel, and in fact months ago prepare Firefox Quantum, the version with which they believe that they can finally turn it around to the tortilla.

This new browser starts its journey with Firefox 57, a version that is finally available in the channel for developers and anyone can try. The changes are important on the outside and inside, and we have been testing it for a while thanks to the ‘nightly’, the preliminary versions. These are our first impressions on a Firefox that is, above all, faster.