Enermax Liqtech II 240

Enermax Liqtech II 240: Liquid cooling for everyone

Liquid cooling of the CPUs has always been considered the hunting ground of assembly nerds, above all because, given the particular components and the fact that liquids are being introduced inside the case, the system requires special care with regards long term maintenance. The advantages compared to normal air coolers are, however, obvious: by exploiting increasingly efficient heat exchange technologies over the years, the cooling capacities of liquid systems are clearly superior to the traditional ones.

For this reason, many companies have decided to develop systems as integrated as possible to allow any type of user to adopt these solutions designed to get married with even very heavy overclocking. The answer to this requirement of Enermax is the Liqtech II system available in three different versions: 240, 280 and 360. Today we will put the first to the test, which is also the most accessible product on the market given the rather low cost. The system is essentially composed of three elements: the actual water block to be mounted on the CPU, compatible with Intel and AMD sockets (see box), the cooling block equipped with coil and fans and the two 40-cm-long polyamide pipes which connect the two main units.