Air IRISPen 7

Air IRISPen 7, small portable scanner highlighter

Surely, you’ve ever used the typical striking to highlight this important phrase in a written text, to give a touch of color or as part of your study methodology highlighter.

Air IRISPen is a scanner that greatly recalls that act, not only how it works but also for its shape. It scans text, letters and numbers, and even translates in real time what you scan loudly. It can work with a PC or smartphone and promises to be a gadget, at least, interesting.

Pocket scanner

IRISPen Air 7 comes as a device small size when compared to the hoary A4 scanners that one day all houses peopled and lately have been relegated to part of MFPs in the best.

It is the natural evolution of IRISPen, a portable scanner with USB connectivity and allowing scanning directly highlighting the text. It has been provided with connectivity Bluetooth and improvements in OCR software for PC and smartphone.