Websites are incredibly important for any business to give themselves a presence online. With more and more people shopping online and looking for advice and support on the internet it is a place where every successful business needs to be. When planning your website there are a number of things that you need to consider. One is that of a Domain Name. Check out for ideas.

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Text draws more interest than photographs.

As much as we love pictures, the truth is that they will simply be screened by most people. You’re far better off doing it through text if you have a point that you really need to get across to a reader or potential lead.

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From the top left corner, people start browsing your website.

Remember the ‘F pattern’. For virtually every single location, that applies. It’s how we have been taught to look for knowledge and data. By placing your most important messages in this field, make use of this and try to make your value proposition clear.

Banners are ignored by readers.

Converting banners poorly. At some point, the modern world took it a little too far with them, and we were taught to disregard them and even grow a bad taste for brands using them.

People only scan your website’s lower parts.

The chances are high that they will be scanning and skimming your content after people begin to scroll down. To make the best use of this, summarise your key points, make sure to use a large amount of headings. Make them descriptive and your search engine rankings will also help.

Short paragraphs work better than those that are long.

Our attention spans are shorter than ever and you need to take that into consideration. Large chunks of text puts people off so keep it to the point and interesting and of course don’t forget SEO.

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