SEO is an ever-changing technique that can be hard to utilize. With new trends continually emerging, if you don’t act upon them you’ll leave yourself too far behind to catch up. Each year brings new changes, and to stay ahead of the game it’s imperative to be ready for them.

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SEO is one of the most vital parts of marketing a business and ensuring your business is found and recognised. With the importance of SEO, it’s essential to keep up with the changing rules and trends.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile search has been growing over the years, and today it’s even more critical. Google is most likely making 2018 the year when rankings will be determined on the mobile version of a website. Google also announced the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages, which will improve user experience by loading sites four times faster.

There are 1.2 billion websites, but only 900,000 have implemented the AMP framework. Doing this now puts you above your competitors and stops you missing out on its benefits.

It’s Getting Vocal

Voice searches used to be a novel added extra, but now they’re constantly used. Siri and Cortana tell us which places are best to eat at, and the introduction of Google Home and Amazon Echo has attracted a lot of new customers. The technology for voice recognition is also improving at an alarming rate.

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Voice searching is common it’s a good idea to adapt your content and optimize it for voice recognition. Using a more natural tone, you can write FAQ pages in the way people would actually ask questions, and remember that most voice searches are local. Long-tail keywords are also useful to incorporate precise queries.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps combine native web pages and apps to create a better platform for users. Advantages of building a PWA include substantial re-engagement stats. Utilizing a PWA early will lower the chances of future competition.

A London SEO agency such as can support to develop effective PWAs.

Continuing Content

Content is one of the primary parts of web design, and optimization needs a more complex approach, going beyond keywords. By finding the users matched to each query, you can create a much better use of keywords. Topical and relevant content won’t go out of fashion.

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