One of the most significant changes to metrology machines in recent years has been the emergence of coordinate measuring machines designed for the shop floor. There is an increasing demand for metrology equipment that can perform accurate, repeatable calculations in tough conditions. The days of removing parts to temperature-controlled inspection departments are over. A new generation of measurement instruments designed to handle the most hostile atmospheres is gaining in popularity for its mobility, low footprint, and low maintenance costs. At the heart of their design is giving up on air bearings, which are highly sensitive to temperature changes and frequently contaminated by dust and other particles. These machines use hard bearings that are immune to moisture and contamination by eliminating any draw from an air supply. Shop floor coordinate measuring machines save time by saving you the task of removing parts to inspection departments.

Brown and Sharpe 4.5.4 SF: This is a small footprint, cost-efficient investment known for its mobility and ease of maintenance. It’s compact and made to be wheeled through doors and around floors on a rolling stand, light enough to be pushed. Don’t be fooled by its small size or its mobility; it’s resilient. The Brown and Sharpe 4.5.4 is resistant to vibrations and features covered guide ways to prevent intruding particles from getting into the bearings.

Sheffield 4.5.4 SF: This piece of shop floor CMM equipment is similar to the Brown and Sharpe. It’s a great fit in manufacturing cells, operating in conjunction with the people and tools needed to maximize communication and cut waste and delays. It compensates for thermal shifts and has the ability to use contact analogue scanning when it’s appropriate.

Take Quality Inspection to the Shop Floor

Leitz Sirio: What it lacks in portability it more than makes up for in versatility and resilience. This piece of CMM measurement equipment is legendary for its ability to compensate for temperature changes on a huge scale, from 15 to 40 degrees Celsius. This is made possible by its 28 temperature sensors that adjust for thermal changes as they happen.

Sheffield Discovery III: The Sheffield Discovery III can be found at measurement machines vendors like CMM – Canadian Measurement Metrology Inc.,and it eliminates the most frustrating part of quality inspection: waiting. It’s a benchmark for precision and repeatable results in demanding environments. In addition to its flexibility, its re-circulating ball bearings (the same technology used in the steering of Jeep Wranglers) are used for their durability under repeated stress. The Discovery III is also a vision system that shifts between analogue scanning, touch probes, and noncontact optics.

Shop floor coordinate measuring machines are making lean manufacturing possible by bringing inspection into the middle of things. The importance of inspection in a manufacturing cell is its ability to detect defects fast, allowing the other elements of a cell to fix problems right away. On-the-floor inspection is one of the fastest growing aspects of the industry. Waiting is a waste, so look into shop floor coordinate measuring machines today.

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