I can’t count the number of times my iPhone has saved my bacon while on business. I remember the first time I had to make a presentation before a room full of potential clients only to find I had left my report on the printer.  I just opened the file on my phone and knocked that presentation out of the park.  I’ve come a long way since I bought my first smart phone.  I wasn’t what you’d call an early adapter.  In fact, like many others, I was afraid of breaking it and I would accidentally call people.  I struggled to remember how to use all the features, but after a while I ditched my Blackberry in favor of my Apple iPhone and haven’t looked back since.

My husband’s phone has some smart features also, but lately, it’s been in the news because of the exploding batteries.  It was bad enough that we had problems taking pictures with it.  For some reason, the screen goes dark in the sun, and he’s never sure if he has framed the subject properly before he takes the shot.  It’s so frustrating to be on the phone and have him tell me to hurry up so he can use my iPhone to take a picture. Not only that, this year when we travelled, his phone model was actually banned from being intact on the flight.   It’s time to switch, so this year, I’m getting him an iPhone.

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Now is the best time to shop for cell phones because Groupon has them online at deep discounts.  I always turn to the Groupon site this time of year because they have thousands of items to choose from and it’s so easy to shop the site.  I can’t remember the last time I found myself in the middle of the holiday madness.  And I can easily qualify for free shipping and free returns, too.  Running through the mall to snatch a TV from a stranger has zero appeal to me.  My push through hordes of humanity when you can sit back and let the gifts comes to you in the mail?  For those who have made Black Friday in store shopping a family tradition, I salute you.

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