After lots of studies, classes and hard work, students are often seen complaining about not scoring marks up to their expectations.

Overconfidence, No Interest or being unable to manage time or any other reason could be the source for that.
Tons of money and time is spent every year by these students looking for the answer.

That’s a lot of pressure already. So looking for a help will not harm your dignity at these times.

For example When you look at a patient who is admitted in hospital with a lot of technology attached to him to monitor his health and progress. There are equipments that are able to help that patient to recover faster and in healing his body. But when you look at education, we are still physical. There is no such Technology for students that can help them with their studies other than regular schooling and the books.

With the help of Tech and science ,Embibe is using these measurements, to forensically detect what and how student is doing online. And you can hyper-personalised their feedback to make every single student improve.

Here are some tips for you to know, how to maintain your motivation to stick to the plan always.

a) Reward Yourself: Whenever you finish something before time, celebrate, do whatever you feel like doing. Buy yourself a Chocolate maybe, do anything, get anything. This will automatically thrust your plan ahead much more.

b) Challenge Yourself : Study more difficult topics at times when you are most feeling most sharp. For some people it is early in the morning and for some it is late in the night. Select your time slot.

c) Maintain a proper balance : Take out free time for family, friends or other social activities. If you keep studying and revising most of the time, it will consume your energy more. Meeting and chatting with people for sometime will freshen up your mind and body.

d) Do not Over do : Set realistic goals, as over challenging task could demotivate you. Ask someone to monitor your plan, so that there is someone pushing you whenever you are not following your plan.

e) Be Honest : And the last and most important tip, follow your plan religiously.

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You should go through as per the Embibe’s recommendation.
If you are confident enough than you can take FULL TEST.
After the completion of each test, Embibe will give you the test feedback which tell your WEAKNESSES & STRONGNESS like how many CORRECT attempts, INCORRECT attempts, etc. you have done. This way you can measure yourself on test-on-test basis.

If you are not confident enough than you can LEARN on the particular concepts.
you can start practicing after learning any concept/chapter.

If you are little bit confident & not confident about taking the FULL TEST than you can do PRACTICE first.
In practice, you can take different level of practice sessions, example: Subject level, Unit level, Chapter level.

Check out these videos to see how Embibe analysis helps you to improve your scores.
What are wasted attempts

What is a perfect attempt

What are overtime attempts

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