shear in Minecraft

To obtain different materials in the world of Minecraft, we must use the tools that this title offers us to get hold of these elements. One of these tools is the Scissors or Shears, which, believe it or not, are very useful. That is why in this installment, we will tell you How to make a shear in Minecraft? Follow us!

The scissors or shears are a tool used to cut different types of objects. Minecraft has the same use. If you want to quickly get hold of these super useful friends, follow the instructions below and you will be able to get hold of some faster than immediately. Read also: What are sponges used for in minecraft

Crafting shear in Minecraft

shear in Minecraft

To make shear in Minecraft, we will need iron. If we already have it in our inventory, creating the shear will be a walk, but if not, we will have to go in search of our material. First, we must have the necessary equipment to obtain the iron. To get to the desired location, we can do it in two ways:

The first is digging diagonally. We will have to do it until we are located at Layer 67 or lower than this, which will take a while. To carry out this method, we will need a stone pickaxe or one of longer duration (iron or diamond), some torches and a few ladders.

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The second way

It is going to a cave and mining in it until we reach the aforementioned layer, it should be noted that there will be a high probability that we will meet some hostile creatures (zombies, creepers, spiders, among others), so we must have a sword and armor equipped, in addition to the other items mentioned.

We find a gray ore with brown incrustations. It is an ore that is very easy to identify. We just have to break it with our beak and we will get it. Then we will go to the smelting furnace where we will place the iron ores in the first slot and in the slot below, we will place the fuel. A few seconds later, we will get the iron ingots.

With the material already processed, we can start with the final step. We will place the iron ingots. And voila, we will have obtained our shear.

shear in Minecraft

Uses of shear  in Minecraft

Shear allows us to obtain decorative blocks such as wool blocks, which are obtained by shearing Sheep. We can also cut and obtain other blocks such as: Tree leaves, ferns, vines and dead bushes. They are used to cut the mushrooms or mushrooms of the Champiñacas. Shear can be enchanted on the enchantment table, acquiring a silk touch enchantment, which will allow us to obtain blocks of cobwebs instead of just thread.

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