How to charge a wax pen battery with android charger

Wax pen batteries are a great way to enjoy your cannabis. They are also easy to charge, with the right charger. One of the most popular chargers for wax pen batteries is an android charger. If you want to know how to charge a wax pen battery with android charger and want more information about this subject, read on!

How to charge a wax pen battery with android charger?

You can use your android charger to charge your wax pen battery. First, you will need a usb cable that is compatible with both the android charger and the wax pen battery. Connect one end of the usb cable to your android charger, then connect the other end of it to your wax pen battery. Now plug your android charger into a power outlet (make sure it’s not connected to an extension cord) so that it begins charging itself and also so that it will be able to charge up your wax pen battery!

Step 1

Place the battery on a flat surface and connect the charger to it. The charger should have come with your device, so you can plug it into an electrical outlet and see if there are any lights or indicators on the battery that let you know whether it’s being charged. If not, check your manual to see if they’re listed there as well. Once connected, wait at least an hour before trying again. The charging process usually takes longer than this time frame because wax batteries have such little power in them compared to other types of batteries.

Step 2

The next step is to put the charger into the wax pen. It should fit in easily, as long as it’s connected properly and not loose.

Once you’re sure that everything is connected properly and securely, you can turn on your wax pen battery charger.

Step 3

Now that you’ve assembled your wax pen battery and charger, it’s time to charge your battery. First, plug the charger into the wall using an outlet and then plug it into the android charger. Your wax pen battery will begin charging automatically.

When charging is complete, unplug both devices from their respective power sources and wait for at least 15 minutes before using them again.

Safety recommendations

-Do not leave your wax pen battery charger unattended while charging.

-Always follow manufacturer instructions when using your wax pen battery charger.

-Never leave your charger unattended while charging.

-Do not use a damaged charger or battery.

-Do not modify the charger or battery in any way.

-Be sure that the charger is properly connected to a working outlet. -Always use the charger that came with your device.


This is the best method to charge your wax pen battery. You don’t have to worry about buying a charger because you already have one in your pocket! Just plug it into your wall socket and make sure that you don’t leave it there for long periods of time because it might overheat and cause damage.

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