How did android 17 get so strong

Android 17 is one of the strongest fighters in Dragon Ball Z. He was created by Dr. Gero as a weapon with the purpose to kill Goku, but instead, he joins forces with him and fights alongside him against Frieza’s army. Android 17 is also known for its infinite energy supply that gives him unlimited stamina in battle. So how did Android 17 get so strong? We will explain everything you need to know about this robot fighter including how he became Super 17!

Why Android 17 is strong in Super?

Android 17 is a character that has been around since the beginning of Dragon Ball. He was originally a villain, but later became one of Goku’s strongest allies in his fight against evil.

Android 17 is also one of the strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball Z and many fans consider him to be one of the most powerful characters in all of Dragon Ball. This makes sense because he was specifically designed for combat by Android 16 and Dr. Gero himself! The fact that he was created as a warrior means that this guy can definitely hold his own on any battlefield.

Although it’s easy to say that Android 17’s powers come from being an android (he is able to control energy), there are many other factors that contribute to why this character was so successful fighting against enemies like Frieza or Cell (who were both considered as some pretty powerful threats at one point). It helps when your dad happens to be Goku too!

How did android 17 get so strong?

Android 17 is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Android 17 is a robotic android in the Dragon Ball franchise and he was made by Dr. Gero to be part of an anti-Saiyan squad created for the purpose of destroying Goku. However, when Android 16 was destroyed by Future Trunks during their time on Earth, his programming changed and he became more sympathetic toward humans. He has since made peace with his twin sister Android 18 after they were separated at birth, who shortly thereafter married Krillin and had a child together named Marron (also known as Tien Shinhan).

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it’s revealed that Android 17 was originally programmed to kill Goku but after being wounded during their first encounter with him while trying to stop him from reaching West City during an attack by Vegeta’s army along with his sister #18; both sustained serious injuries which caused them severe pain due to their biology as cyborgs. This makes them unable to continue fighting against Goku even though they are still loyal subjects under Frieza’s command.

How did Android 17 become Super 17?

Android 17’s transformation into Super 17 was not a series of events that occurred naturally. Instead, Android 17 was forced to undergo the transformation by Dr. Gero.

Dr. Gero changed Android 17’s personality in order to make him more violent and destructive. This change in personality caused Android 17’s power levels to increase dramatically, making him one of the strongest villains in all of Dragon Ball Z history.

How does Android 17 have infinite energy?

Android 17 is an android, which means that he has been granted infinite energy by his creator. This allows him to fight without ever needing to rest or eat. He can go on forever, and as such he is stronger than Super Saiyans and even Super Buu.

Android 17 was never really afraid of anyone until Krillin showed up with Android 18 in tow. At first, Android 17 didn’t seem too worried about a fight with either Krillin or 18—he just wanted some peace from these two new humans running around his planet wrecking everything in sight (something else we’ll get into). He thought his strength alone would allow him to beat anyone who came after him; after all, he had already killed off most of the Z Fighters by then!

But when Krillin’s Kamehameha technique proved ineffective against Android 17’s barrier field (read: shield), it became clear that this android wasn’t going down anytime soon and neither should any other fighter looking for answers about how they could defeat him later on down the line!


In conclusion, we can say that Android 17 is a very strong character in Dragon Ball Super. He has many abilities that make him the strongest human character in the series.

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