If you’re looking to upgrade your park home this season, here are some great tips for doing so, all without breaking the bank.

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1. Switch the furniture up

Most people automatically push their furniture to the edges of their park home, but you can actually create a more intimate space by leaving a gap around the perimeter and moving seating furniture closer together. Try it and see how the mood changes. It can make your space look bigger too.

2. Focus on storage

When people first move to Gloucestershire park homes they often struggle with storage! So, get crafty with pretty wicker boxes, under-bed storage, high shelves and space-saving solutions. A pouffe with a storage interior is a great way to double up on functionality.

3. Add colour

Gloucestershire park homes look great with a pop of colour, so why not make your home your own with colours that inspire you. With a more compact space, you can decorate more often if you like without it becoming too big a job. Choose colours that make you feel great, and which celebrate having nature just outside your front door.

4. Use mirrors

One great trick for visually increasing your interior space is to use mirrors. Add mirrors to the walls in Gloucestershire park homes and you’ll find the light bounces off the reflective surface, making your indoors brighter and creating a larger sense of space.

5. Tidy away clutter

Cluttered spaces feel stressful, so minimise possessions where you can and ask yourself the old Marie Kondo question: ‘Is it useful or beautiful?’. If it is neither, then maybe you don’t need it! Less clutter makes your living space feel calmer and happier.

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6. Layer up lighting

Layered soft lighting also works beautifully to create atmosphere and style. Use soft downlighters, corner lamps, table lamps and other soft lights to create a warm glow, rather than relying on harsh overhead lights. Task-based lighting such as a reading lamp ensures your evenings are bright enough for what you’re doing.

How will you perk up your Park Home this season?

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