It’s no surprise that jobs in technology are highly lucrative, highly respectable, and in also high demand. As technology infiltrates its way into more and more of our daily lives, the need for qualified IT professionals continues to grow. A professional college tech degree is the perfect way to transform one’s dreams of working in today’s technology sector into a reality. Schools like the University of Cincinnati and Tufts University are just a few of today’s top universities that offer some of the best tech degrees around.

Once you’ve made your decision to study technology at an advanced level, narrowing down the exact type of degree and major to pursue is the next step. Just like with any professional field and area of study, there are multiple, more focused disciplines within the realm of IT education. Here are a few tech majors that offer some of the best post-graduation job opportunities.

Communications Engineering

Of all the tech majors out there, this particular focus saw the most dynamic demand growth in job opportunities after graduation, up almost 6% from the year prior. Communications Engineers earn an average salary of approximately $60,000 a year and the odds of getting a job straight after graduation are some of the best among all IT jobs.

College Tech Majors That Will Land You a Good Job After Graduation

Information Technology Management

The combination of advanced technological skills and top notch leadership skills make this particular major one of the most lucrative and valuable for graudates. People with degrees in IT Management often go on to run entire information technology departments and earn higher-than-average salaries post-graduation, often times upwards of $100,000.

Software Engineering

The job of software engineers is to develop and test software programs and systems, often times focusing on either working with systems or with applications. Either of these two jobs start with a degree in software engineering, and the earning potential for these jobs is of some of the highest in the industry.

Network Management

A degree in Network Management qualifies students for jobs as operators, administrators, and system planners within the IT industry. The role of a network manager is to oversee a multitude of networks, primarily those of fiber optics and computers. A college-level degree in this field is a must for securing one of these top earning tech positions.

Video Game Programming

If you love gaming, you’ll love working as a video game programmer. Students with this particular major go on to jobs that have them creating and programming games for computers, console systems, and a multitude of other devices. The earning potential is high, but competition is also high in this field, so a specialized degree offers the promise of better chances in occupational success.

With technology jobs proving to be some of the most in-demand jobs in today’s professional world, it’s no surprise that an IT degree offers some of the best potential opportunities for obtaining these lucrative roles. While nearly all tech majors offer great potential for post-graduation work, these have proved to be some of the best.

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