Summer is here and so are the days with high temperature and scorching sun. To get a relief from sweat and irritation you need some clothes which will keep you cool and you will be able to relax and be comfortable. Crop tops for women are one such item of clothing which is a combination of fashion and comfort. Wearing these crop tops will make you feel comfortable and at the same time, you will be one of the stylish or fashionably dressed people. Before you try one of the crop tops, you should be sure about the level of skin exposure with which you are comfortable. Whether you want to show just a sliver or you will be comfortable baring your midriff, is your personal choice. You can wear crop tops without showing any skin at all. Wearing nude or colored tank tops underneath these crop tops or wearing the crop tops over a shirt or blouse will make it possible for you to follow the latest trend in fashion without making yourself uncomfortable. Once you decide the length of the crop tops you are going to wear, then you can try many types of crop tops to see which suits you better.

Crop tops can make you look amazing or they can also make you look awful as it depends on how you wear those tops. As there are many types of crop tops for women available, you should choose the type which makes you comfortable. If you feel awkward in any garment, you won’t be able to carry it well. Another thing about crop tops is that these tops can never be called as part of any formal attire, they are really an easy and casual item of clothing and you must remember this while wearing them. There are many ways in which you can wear a crop top creating different looks.

Types of crop tops

  • Long sleeves crop top

If you are not comfortable with short and sleeveless crop tops due to the skin exposure, you can try the long sleeves crop tops for women. This way there will be no skin exposure except your midriff. That can also be lessened with a mid-length crop top. This way you will be dressing according to latest style and that too conservatively. Striped long sleeves crop top with high waist black jeans or skirt looks smart and classy.

  • Baggy crop top

If you don’t like wearing too snug tops then you can go for the baggy crop tops. These tops are generally loose fitting and, therefore, they can be easily worn over a blouse or bright colored tank top. If you wear a tank top in contrast color, you will have a great outfit.

  • DIY crop top

Before purchasing a real crop top, you can check your comfort with this DIY crop top. Take a button down shirt and tie the two ends in a knot. This will have the similar effect of bare midriff like a crop top. If you feel that you are comfortable, then you can try the other types of crop tops.

  • Faux crop top

This crop top is not a crop top in the real sense of the word. We can say that this is just a top which is of very short length. It will show your midriff only when you raise your arms. You can start with this type of top and then try the real short length crop tops.

  • Asymmetrical crop top

These crop tops are asymmetrical in length. It means that they are short in front and long on the sides and back of the top. These tops are better for those women who are shy as these tops cover your backside and make you feel comfortable.

  • Matching crop top

Matching crop top and skirt is one of the classy outfits. This combination gives you a very smart look and you can wear it for casual outings.

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