Shoot and shoot, Relonch is responsible for creating the best photo: The camera as a service

For you I will not deny, that of Relonch is very rare in the world of photography, but as you never know if things will work, or what is going to make this difficult market, we will try to explain: It has to do with renting cameras, not having much idea about taking pictures, but at the same time wanting to get things very decent.

What Relonch offers a rental camera “top”, neither more nor less than the dead but extraordinary Samsung NX30, which it cannot be changed target as it comes fixed. It is a 30 mm (f / 2.0), a focal that serves many things and gives a lot of quality. But they cannot change targets is not the biggest problem or main difference is that will not let us do anything else.

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All the buttons are covered by a beautiful and striking leather case, which also extends over the screen. We cannot see the photos we do? No, the only thing we are going to see is what the viewer teaches us at the moment of taking the snapshots. So rare, but so consistent with the philosophy of the product.

Relonch does not want you to eat the coconut with parameters and functions, you want to frame and press. The information will be stored in the best possible RAW, and will be sent via 4G to servers of the company, which is where it should produce magic. Magic is the same as saying “editing”.

There will reveal the photos in the best way possible, either with automated systems, along with skilled labor, to make your photos look better than you can imagine.

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Renting camera and service

Relonch wants to summarize the photography experience at simply “push a button,” and that everything goes to great level…

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Yes, the price is not a joke, are $99 a month by the camera and full service. We do not buy anything, so it can be an interesting solution for events, or trips, forgetting to have to maintain or manage a team that we are not going to give more use for the rest of the time.

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They take advantage to create additional services such as printing copies, even book creation, as well as creating events and contests with the people of the community.

Not for me to kill it before starting my career, but me as an aspiring photographer, eager to learn, it hurts to see a machine as capable as the Samsung, completely covered. In your favor I have to say that choosing a camera like this is a guarantee for the service, it would make much less sense with a mediocre model, where RAW or images would be much less usable.

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