Nvidia 1070 GTX

What a battle occurs in the world of graphic short – term cards, while Nvidia has artillery rather than presented with two well – defined levels – GTX 1070 and 1080 – the people of AMD offers a more affordable alternative able to deal with reality virtual: Radeon RX 480, the premiere of Polaris.

As not everyone likes to ride computers and appreciates that these technologies come directly on the plates continue to see as some integrators put the new chips in them. It is not a new phenomenon, but it is the first time we see him with the “little” model of NVidia, the GTX 1070.

Nvidia 1070 GTX
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The plate images are showing is a Colorful B150-GP104, it is a relatively affordable model that can assimilate the arrival of the latest processors Intel Skylake – like the Core i7-6950X of $ 1,700 – so the ingredients do not they may be more striking.

Riding an ideal computer is a great experience for some, another however prefer that the integration of the components is transparent, or seek smaller formats: those, colorful teaches a 1070 gtx on-board

Smaller PCs, backpack, or all-in-one

Apart from that we want to come integrated, or want to ride us, such developments may make sense in computers small size, even for those teams that are hanging on the back. We do not forget that the people Computex 2016 Digital Storm introduced an “all-in-one” with a 1080 GTX hanging from the monitor.

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The experts say that is not a standard ATX motherboard, but a development aimed at highly customized equipment. Viewing the site of the GPU – left in the picture – there is no room for PCI Express 3.0 ports instead seems to be two M.2 connections, WiFi and SSD modules. Nor overclocking, or RAID support is contemplated.

With such a configuration the hardware updates are sacrificed, but can also be a good proof that a monster like 1070 gtx can be part of a small team

Make it clear that Nvidia has not given any official details on the integration of their cards into smaller formats. For now we see this is nothing but a test, Colorful has said it will not become a real product in two days.

We remind you that the official sale of the 1070 GTX is set June 10 as a card, but do not rule out more ideas like Colorful in coming months.

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